Enterprise-Focused B2B Growth Leader for product companies

Currently Chief Operating Officer at Protecto.ai , a VC backed Bay Area startup that is a mission to ensure Generative AI is harnessed responsibly and securely

Prior, built marketing, sales, and client success teams from the ground and led my own startup to acquisition to Bain Capitals’ portfolio company Brillio

GTM Strategy

Lead GTM efforts, and scaled annual revenue from $0 to $50M USD+

Implement  Go-To-Market playbooks based on big macro trends, your ideal Customer Profile & your customer’s journey.

Complex Partner Selling

Deep expertise in Salesforce, Snowflake, DataBricks, Google, Amazon & Microsoft ecosystems

Optimize joint selling and marketing strategies for driving revenue through the partner ecosystem

Unlocking the US Market

Running Multiple Sales Cycles in Fortune 2000 Companies in the US

Define your market entry strategy, build a roadmap, and develop a plan of action to take your solution to market.

Enterprise Business Systems

My Expertise is in Process Consulting for Digital Transformation in Enterprise Sales and Marketing as a SME

Implemented data-driven solutions  that enabled  clients to drive excellence across all customer touchpoints (Marketing, Sales, Service, Fulfillment, Finance)


Protik is top-of-mind for me when executing a vision. He turns high-level strategy into actionable steps. His goal-oriented approach drives tangible results, while keeping the team motivated and focused.

Rohan Shah
CEO, Next Quarter

When it comes to complex partner selling motions, Protik is a true pro. He understands the intricacies of navigating partnerships and alliances, and develops strategies that drive success for all parties who are involved. His knowledge of the market is unparalleled

CEO, Protectoai

Expanding into the US market can be daunting. Protik, as our Go-to-Market advisor, is a partner who is passionate about our success. The dedication he brings to unlocking the US market makes him an ideal choice for any high-growth B2B SaaS enterprise looking to expand its reach.

CEO, Contiinex

Protik brings a wealth of knowledge and hands-on experience to the table. He understands how to create revenue strategies that deliver results, while building long-term customer relationships based on loyalty and retention to drive sustainable revenue.

Sandeep Jain
CEO, MonetizeNow


Chief Operating Officer

Managing Director at Brillio (Business Transformtion)



Co Founder and
Chief Revenue Office

Global Sales

Professional Services

Business Systems & Data


I regularly contribute to Forbes and share my thoughts and insights. Follow my writing on Forbes

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